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When attending a pitch competition a few summers back, I had to brainstorm hundreds of ideas in pursuit of finding “the one” that I was passionate about and (hopefully) would be successful.

Eventually my team settled on a project we knew filled none of the above, and for our demonstration we had a hastily assembled mockup and a website I threw together the night before.

You may have experienced this phenomenon before. Many with an entrepreneurial spirit have failed not because they lack enthusiasm or didn’t put enough effort in, but because they had a lackluster project.

And many programmers and engineers work on the same projects over and over again because they couldn’t or didn’t think of anything more meaningful.

When pondering what I wanted to focus on for a side project last semester, I once again hit a wall — I couldn’t think of anything immediately obvious that I was passionate about. And I couldn’t help but wish for a place that would help with that; even if it didn’t directly give me an idea, it could get my wheels spinning.

And so I decided to build a site that would act as a repository for ideas.

Together, Anything Is Possible

Every person has a couple ideas of varying scale somewhere in their phone’s notes or in the back of their mind. And most of the time, that person never pursues making those ideas a reality. They don’t have the time, or the capital, or the knowledge necessary.

But very likely, if those ideas were to come to fruition, they would improve that person’s life. And just maybe, they could improve our world.

A collective hive-mind of human potential that anyone can contribute to. That is the goal of Ideastorm. And all ideas, big or small, are welcome.

I know it’s a bit of a pipe dream. Ideastorm is unlikely to ever reach that bar. I’m also not saying that this should in any way replace the introspection that leads to countless ideas.

But for the people who want to work on something where someone else has already said “I need this,” or the bored programmer, or the stumped kid at that pitch competition, Ideastorm provides an invaluable resource.

For the people who just want to find a cool programming or engineering project to mess around with, Ideastorm has something for them.

And for the people who just want that “round-shaped doorstop,” or an app for their hairdresser notes, or anything else that would improve their lives just a smidge, Ideastorm is also for them. Share your idea, and it might one day be a reality.

You do not need to create an account to share, view, or interact with ideas. Everyone has enough of those.

You can visit Ideastorm here:

Additional Notes

This site is not complete. I’m thinking about creating an “Explore” page that allows visitors to better peruse the expanse of ideas. I’m also working on better ways to handle screening ideas, and editing/deleting your ideas.

If you have suggestions, feel free to reach out on Solace (

I also want to emphasize, a good idea is not enough to be successful. A good team, effort, and boat-load of luck are all also incredibly important.

Thank you for reading this, and may you have awesome ideas :)




I program robots and design websites. I also like to run.

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I program robots and design websites. I also like to run.

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